Book notes: Fundamentals of Architecture

Fundamentals of architecture cover The following are my personal notes on the book “Fundamentals of Architecture: An Engineering Approach” which presents from a high-level view what software architecture is, what a software architect does and the software architecture patterns. It is written by two well know architects: Mark Richards and Neal Ford

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Image editing with Functors

This was originally written as a self attempt to better understand FP concepts like functors, applicatives, monads, etc. visually, by implementing them on images.

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Making invalid pizza recipes unrepresentable

Strong typing

I’m a believer in strong & static typing. A good type is like a math equation - just as an equation describes the equalities and how they change, the possibilities of interactions, a type describes the invariants and the properties of what the type represents. Good types allow us to make invalid states unrepresentable in code, transforming runtime bugs into compiler errors.

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Equality in Scala

In Scala 2 the == operator is used for checking by value equality, in contrast with Java where .equals() is best practice. Also in contrast to Java, == is safe to be used on null values.

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The assignment operator is broken!

Most programming languages have this operator = which is called the assignment operator. Have you ever wondered why this is called assignment and not simply equals ?

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